I had an early day as a few of us planned to go to H Mart before class
It was Jenny, Chantelle, Mushiirah and me! We met at Waterloo Station and took a train to New Malden, and waited for Mushiirah there since we didn’t know the way hehe
It took only around 30 minutes from Waterloo to New Malden so it was alright (yes I have motion sickness >.< )

We walked to H Mart and it took around 10 mins or so – not that far but the shortcut we took might be dangerous if you’re alone (too quiet!)
There should be a bus, I’m going to check it next time πŸ™‚

We (I did) were excited! haha I never been there before so I was really looking forward to it!


We went around, picking snacks, drinks and checking everything out! Too bad there weren’t many varieties of Pepero


andddddd finally arrived at the KPop Section! it was smaller than I expected
A lot of CDs, posters but not so much of other things. Some things are really cheap (idols file etc – not official things I think!) while things like EXO ring necklace is costly, I think it is about Β£15
I took a bunch of pictures there haha



We finished shopping around 12.30pm, took a bus and had lunch at Korea Garden
we weren’t familiar with the area so we stopped at stop before reaching High Street
there are MAAAAAAAAAAANY Korean Restaurant at High Street! next time we should check those out πŸ˜‰

Korea Garden was pretty good (and cheap!)
They have many things on the menu but not so much for vegetarian
I had haemul pajeon (Korean seafood pancake) even though I just had it the week before
I think, haemul pajeon has become my favourite! haha
It only costs Β£5! I had one at Mudo Korea and it was Β£8.50!
the portion was huge (same size at Korea Garden and Mudo Korea) and both tasted so good! crispy and yummy! πŸ˜€
Jenny and Chantelle had japchae and Mushiirah got Kimchi pancake


then we hurried to the train station and got on the 1.37pm train, arrived a little after 2pm at KCC


Today class was on Korean Traditional Games YAY!
I always watch the games on 2 Days 1 Night but there were a few games that I couldn’t understand
We had a quick lecture of the types of games – jegichagi (similar to the western game of hackey sack), Neolttwigi (Korean see-saw), Ssireum (wrestling – KANG HODONG!!), Tuho ( throw arrows into a pot or container), Yutnori (board game with four halved wooden sticks), top spinning, kite flying and Ganggangsullae (singing, dancing, and playing and is exclusively performed by women)
Too bad we didn’t have Ddakji (folded paper disks, similar to game of Pogs)
we played Yutnori and the stops had Quiz, Jegichagi, Tuho, change, go back and do nothing

I was in… Group 3 I think! xD
We had time to try and select who’s the best in which
I totally can’t do jegichagi! it’s harder than it looks because it doesn’t bounce!
Tuho was fun but it’s hard to aim right but it’s so much fun once you get used to it πŸ™‚




Our team nearly won (only a few stops left) but another group kicked us out and we had to start from the beginning again
The game was easy to understand, simply throw yut and if 1 face up, 1 step; 2 face up, 2 steps and so on. If all face up, you’ll get another round. If all face down, you move 5 steps and go again (I might have mixed up the face up and down lol – where did I put the rule handout at?)
If you stop at where your opponent is at, you’ll kick them to restart again (our group got kicked out TWICE!) xD
it was really fun! πŸ˜€

the winning group got rice crackers YUMMM!!
they gave out to all of us haha so everyone got a taste of it (thanks guys! :D)


today (Saturday 29/11/14) was Hyerim last day with us (she can’t attend our graduation since she has to go back to Korea for a while to settle some stuffs but she’ll be back)
it’s sadddddd! 😦 She’d been with us since the beginning so it’s a shame she can’t be there next week 😦
We prepared a Thank You Card and a present for her



also it was Lyndsy birthday a few days ago. Sofia prepared cakes for her and we all sang the birthday song πŸ˜€
I wonder why we didn’t sing in Korean? haha

we then went to eat as usual wohoo!
We went to Yori – it was somewhere near Leicester Square



Since I had lunch, I wasn’t that hungry yet (yes I usually eat once a day haha – I’m not on a diet, it’s just a hassle to eat 3 times a day lol)
I ordered cheese tteokbokki and shared it with Jenny
it was sooooo good! πŸ˜€ the portion was just nice πŸ˜€ very filling! and it wasn’t that spicy either


then, Jenny and I went to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland!
It was so packed with people! We had to queue to get it
We went around, took some pictures and also had churros on our way out πŸ˜€



We went home around 9pm
A looooooooooooooooong fun day πŸ˜€
I’m going to miss KPop Academy a lot! even though it’s ending (graduation next week!), hopefully we’ll still hang out together whenever we can (or every Saturday! hehe)
What should I do on Saturday after this? 😦


We had noraebang contest!!! OMGGGGGGGG!!!
we were told the songs beforehand but most of us didn’t had time to memorise it during the weekdays – I listened to the song all the time while doing my work but still couldn’t remember it lol xD


we did it like Happy Together, Running Man kind of thing where you get a penalty if one of the member messes up (OHHHHEMMMMGEEEEEEE!!)


of course I was worried since I can’t speak Korean, can’t even pronounce anything right – WORRIED NERVOUS OH NOES!!
so I tried cramming everything in the given 20 minutes (nope, nothing remained, I need to take memory supplement again lol)
memorising is something I totally bad in since school haha How did I manage to go this far? I usually repeat the same thing for hours (pronounce, write, talk to myself etc), then it will get stuck in my brain hehe
Mason who was in my group is really good in memorising – I’m jealous!

Katy said that we all looked like we were cramming last minute for an audition! HAHAHAHA that was how serious all of us were!
We were put into 4 groups, I was in group 4


and pick which part of the song each of us would be singing


(*&^%$Β£$%^&*(!!! to be honest, I never went for karaoke, EVER!
I’m not sure why haha but I did sing a lot at home when I was in primary school – there was a microphone at home lol
my mind went totally blank when I was given the microphone! LOL!!
we had 3 chances and I screwed up on our last chance haha Mason didn’t have the chance to even sing! whooopsss!!!

I choose to get beaten rather than being sprayed with water (I’d turn into Ju-On otherwise!! HAHAHAHAAH!!)




our group didn’t win (because of meeeee!! nuuuuuuuuu!!! sorry guys πŸ˜₯ )
the winning group got SIGNED SUPER JUNIOR CD!!! *so jelly*

10407359_10154903322265192_5090665767214240609_n (1)

we then had a quick break (yay cheese sticks!) and had a free noraebang session!!
we had songs from SHINee, Big Bang, and many more!



that was soooo much fun! πŸ˜€

we then, as usual went for dinner!
We went to Mudo Korea. Quite a lot of us who went πŸ˜€
I was craving for seafood pancake since the weekdays so I ordered that – I wasn’t sure if I’d be full, but yeah I did!



Song PD managed to get some complementary food haha – I think we got jjampong and kimchi pancake. Yummmmyyy!!

After dinner, some of us went home, some went to the park. Jenny and I went to Chinatown for bubble tea. I wanted dessert haha
So we went to Bobajam since that’s the only place with seats. I ordered coconut milk tea with pearl which was pretty good. Jenny had fruit tea with popping jelly – not sure if that’s what it’s called, but it really POP!
We had a lot of kpop talk which was fun! πŸ˜€



We went home around 8.30pm – well, I though I’d be going home but when I called my dad, he was around the area and I went and had ANOTHER DINNER at a Malaysian-Indonesian restaurant called Melati
It was somewhere near Chinatown, at Great Windmill Street
Melati had been around for long (20 years? more?), such a shame it had gotten to this state
pretty much we won’t be going there again
The service was so-so if not a bit terrible (she either can’t hear, or she’s slow on pick up, I don’t know)
I went in in a really good mood but ended up feeling annoyed – that’s how bad it was
the other guy who served us was nice πŸ™‚
the food was ok, but it could be better – not the authentic taste
but still, I won’t recommend that place to anyone, not even going to go back
I don’t usually care much about service, but when it’s that bad, it’s hard to ignore

in week 9, we were introduced to traditional music!
it was soooooo much fun as I never been playing instruments unless you count recorder during primary school lol
I’ve always been interesting to learn one (piano or guitar) but never go forward with it – too busy straitening up my life lol
plus it’s going to take forever if I were to learn it by myself (or from the Internet) – I’m bad like that haha

anyway, we had a quick introduction of samulnori, history, instruments and watch some videos of the performance – REALLY COOL!



we then tried and learned to play! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!
I first tried buk (drum) which was fun and easy to learn (well, only for what we were playing haha) but I couldn’t really get my breathing right
it was played like… ONE, two, ONE, two, ONE, two… where ONE is when you hit it with all your might and two is like the bounce from ONE
so, breath in at ONE, out at two – I might had hold my breath at some point since I am new haha



we then changed to another instrument and I chose kkwaenggwari (gong)
it was played as GENN ji GENN ji GENN ji…. and repeated – I might get the spelling wrong lol that was how I pronounced it xD
similar to buk, breath in at GENN out at ji


I didn’t try changgo as I have pretty bad memory (unless I’m given some time to get the steps stuck into my head lol)
there were 4 different parts were played

it was sooo much fun when everyone played and we were in harmony (finally!) goosebumps!!

we ended the class right on time (rarely!) – I wish it was longer 😦
Ahn Sungki was having an interview downstairs for the Closing Gala so we had to pause a bit since we were too loud hehe
too bad we couldn’t meet him there 😦


after class, most of us went to have dinner at Kimchee in Holborn
I’ve been wanting to go there for ages! finally was there! πŸ˜€
the place is so nice! kind of like Wagamama but less simple – they have open kitchen!


I ordered squid bokkeum and bap – it was good! πŸ˜€
I wanted to try jajangmyeon but they don’t have it in seafood only 😦



after dinner, some of us went to the Closing Gala – I went πŸ˜€
watched the film, saw Ahn Sungki and Jung Woo-sung ❀
I wrote a post on the Closing Gala here
what a good way to end the day (weekend) right? πŸ˜€

we started off with a quick lecture about Hanbok, history, the cutting, colours, designs etc


then we were told to pick a hanbok to wear (fun!!!)
I chose a pink and yellow hanbok (which by chance, suit my headscarf! haha)




we had a fashion show! awkward!!! but it was so much fun!






after class, we had kkul tteok (tteok is stuffed with Korean syrup), and mujigae-tteok (rainbow) rice cakes and sikhye, rice punch – taste really good!! I never tried it before πŸ˜€
….I think I got the names right haha
the rice cakes weren’t that sweet, it was just nice πŸ˜€
I love mujigae-tteok the most! ❀


I then went to have dinner at Chinatown with my brother at a Malaysian Restaurant called Rasa Sayang

…so I ended up going to the Closing Gala even though I wasn’t expecting it
Thanks to Korean Cultural Center UK and KPop Academy for giving me the ticket πŸ™‚
I knew about it (and decided to go) when I was already in the tube to attend KPop Academy, so I didn’t bring my camera with me

if you missed my previous post related to the London Korean Film Festival 2014, here are the links:
LKFF 2014: Opening Gala, “Kundo” Screening and Q&A
LKFF 2014: Super Junior Concert, β€œYouth” Screening and Q&A


Anyway, the Closing Gala was a red carpet event – similar to the Opening Gala
I got in pretty early (20 minutes before it started?) and I got a front seat – so iPhone camera was pretty ok πŸ˜‰

It started a bit late; was supposed to start at 7pm
We were introduced to Ahn Sungki where he went onto the stage for a bit
and then, Jung Woo-sung!!! he is soooooooooooo good looking! no kidding! and he looked much younger than his age
Revivre is not his film, but he was there to watch it with us – and he has a lot of respect for Ahn Sungki (Ahn Sungki acted since he was 5 years old, a little break here and there – college, military, and here he is again πŸ™‚ ) So it’s no wonder he is highly looked up to
Also, another actor was also present, from an Indie film – which I’m not sure of (sorry, I’m not a huge film fan so I missed out a lot) He was well dressed in a suit and bow tie – really good looking πŸ˜‰ he was standing next to me before *&&^^**(*%^%!!!

IMG_7221 copy





when Jung Woo-sung went down from the stage, he walked next to my seat! and I shook his hand!! *$%^&*(*&^!!! *pardon the fangirling moment* I prefer a picture with him, but oh well~ can’t ask for too much πŸ˜›

well…. if this counts? lol xD


anyway, the film was pretty short; about 1 hour and 30 minutes
It was about Mr Oh (acted by Ahn Sungki) who had to take care of his wife that got cancer. It got worse and in the middle of that, he was attracted to a new co-worker Ms Choo. Ms Choo was about to get married when she cancelled it off (because of some ex reasons which I wasn’t sure of). Mr Oh wife died and he was a bit not quite sure about Ms Choo. After burying her (cremated), he got back to his villa and burned his wife stuffs – she actually sent him a few wine (like an indication to move on when she’s gone?). Ms Choo asked to be transferred to China to get away from her ex tried to contact Mr Oh to thank him – but seriously it sounded like she was after him? She was being really pushy and she should leave him alone to sort out his mind – his wife just died! He tried to get away from Ms Choo and didn’t meet her (yep, that was the right choice!) His wife got a dog named Bori who he went to the vet to put Bori to sleep (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) so that his wife won’t be alone and for Bori to be reborn as a human (someeeeeething like that)
Right after that, he got a call from work and he looked relieved as he had done what his wife would want him to do – which I think is odd. So, your wife died, you get rid of her stuffs and anything that reminded you of her and that’s it? WOW! People aren’t that easy – we become attached to people. At least in my case, yeah. My mom passed away nearly 3 years now but it still feels like she is just somewhere going for a holiday – and no way I’m getting rid of my mom’s stuffs – it’s priceless!

Anyway, it was a good film, very realistic and very sad as well – no I didn’t cry, I’m cold hearted like that lol
If I were to rate this, I’d give it 3.5/5 stars

then we had the Q&A session. Ahn Sungki really answered the questions in detail



and the usual palm print as a way of saying they were here (I guess?)
he was so funny bamming (is that even a word?) his hands on the dough xD


and with that, that ends the London Korean Film Festival 2014 – in London anyway, it’s still not yet ended for outside London

I had a lot of fun, and watched 3 films overall! (which is weird as I don’t really go to the cinema – at most once a year, seriously) I’m really thankful for the tickets and opportunity to join the fun πŸ˜‰
I can’t wait for London Korean Film Festival 2015!